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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour - 3 Days

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Duration3 Days
Trip GradeEasy
Maximum Altitude1,345m
Group Size1-14
Travel StyleTour
Best TimeEntire Year

Explore Chitwan Jungle Safari with Recreation Holidays

A Nature Retreat in the Heart of Nepal: Immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness of Chitwan National Park, a cherished jewel in the heart of Nepal. With Recreation Holidays, embark on an exhilarating three-day safari adventure that blends the thrill of wildlife spotting with the serenity of nature's embrace. From the comfort of a carefully selected three-star hotel, complete with all modern amenities, your journey into the wild promises both relaxation and excitement. Tailor your experience to perfection by upgrading your stay to a luxurious four or five-star retreat, and let the spirit of the jungle renew your zest for life.

Wildlife Encounters and Cultural Immersion: Chitwan National Park, the wilderness capital of Nepal, offers a diverse array of activities designed to bring you closer to the heart of untamed nature. Traverse the dense forest on a jeep safari, share a moment with elephants, and drift down tranquil rivers on a canoeing expedition. Cultural richness unfolds with a visit to a local Tharu village, where traditions come alive. The park is a sanctuary for endangered species such as the majestic royal Bengal tiger and the one-horned rhino, offering once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities for wildlife photographers and enthusiasts alike.

Accommodations in Harmony with Nature: Our handpicked accommodations ensure a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. Whether you choose the cozy ambience of a three-star or the indulgent opulence of a higher-tier hotel, your stay is designed to complement the natural beauty surrounding you. Each hotel and resort has been chosen for its commitment to comfort, service, and sustainability, ensuring that your safari is not just a getaway but a harmonious blend with the ecosystem.

Personalized Safari Experiences: At Recreation Holidays, we believe in crafting personalized experiences that resonate with your personal tastes and sense of adventure. Our Chitwan Jungle Safari is more than just a package; it's a canvas for your imagination. Add on activities such as elephant bathing, bird watching, or a cultural dance performance to enrich your journey. We stand ready to curate your perfect safari adventure, ensuring that each moment spent in Chitwan National Park is as unique and memorable as the wildlife that inhabits it.

Highlights of Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

  • Jungle Odyssey: Venture deep into the jungle's embrace, where the symphony of birdsong and the rich, earthy fragrance of the forest come to life.
  • Floral Wonders & Fauna: Encounter an array of exotic flowers and a multitude of vegetation, revealing the park's rich biodiversity.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Spot a variety of wildlife and numerous bird species in their natural habitat, an ideal setting for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts.
  • Cultural Insights: Immerse yourself in the local culture with a visit to the Tharu village to experience their traditional dress and watch their ancient stick dance.
  • Safari Adventures: Embark on a jeep safari to navigate the wild terrain of Chitwan National Park, offering an adrenaline-filled exploration.
  • Conservation and Education: Visit the elephant breeding center to learn about conservation efforts, and engage in birdwatching to spot rare and endemic species.
  • Aquatic Expeditions: Glide along the river in a canoe, keeping an eye out for the aquatic animals that call these waters home.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Views: Witness the stunning beauty of Chitwan's sunrises and sunsets, a daily spectacle that paints the sky in spectacular colors.

Attractions of the Chitwan Jungle Safari

  • Serenity of the Jungle Walk: Unplug and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Chitwan National Park with our guided jungle walks. This peaceful stroll through the forest offers intimate views of the region's flora and fauna. Led by experienced guides skilled in wildlife encounters, you're in for a serene adventure that allows you to truly unwind amidst nature.
  • Scenic Canoe Rides: Glide along the gentle Rapti River on our celebrated canoe rides. Absorb the breathtaking landscapes and observe the rich wildlife, including birds and basking crocodiles, that inhabit the riverbanks. Safety is paramount, so rest assured that your journey will be both enjoyable and secure, under the watchful eye of our professional guides.
  • Wildlife Safari Adventures: The heart of the Chitwan experience is the thrilling jungle safari. Choose between a rugged jeep ride or the unique perspective from an elephant's back. Both options offer a deep dive into the jungle, bringing you close to the natural homes of Chitwan's diverse wildlife.
  • Cultural Encounter with the Tharus: Discover the rich history and vibrant cultural tapestry of the Tharu community. Our tours give you a window into their world as you observe traditional costumes, sample local cuisine, and enjoy their folk performances. Highlights include the rhythmic Stick Dance ('Danda Nach'), the vibrant Peacock Dance ('Mayur Nach'), and the mesmerizing Fire Dance ('Ago Nach'), all reflecting the deep cultural heritage of this indigenous group.

Climate and Vegetation of Chitwan National Park

Varied Seasons of Chitwan: Chitwan National Park experiences a tropical monsoon climate, marked by warm temperatures and high humidity year-round. Within the central climatic zone of the Himalayas, the park welcomes the monsoon from mid-June to late September. The year is divided into distinct seasons: the summer from March to June brings heat; the monsoon from July to September nurtures the land; and winter, from October to February, ushers in cooler weather.

Lush Landscapes and Diverse Flora: The park's ecology is a tapestry of tropical and subtropical forests typical of the Terai region, with moist deciduous forests dominating the landscape. Chitwan's terrain is not just forests but also expansive grasslands. Over 50 varieties of grass, including some of the tallest grass species in the world, blanket the region, creating a habitat rich in biodiversity and scenic beauty.

Chitwan National Park's Weather and Ecology

Seasonal Dynamics in Chitwan: In the central climatic zone of the Himalayas, Chitwan National Park is a place of warm, humid conditions throughout the year. The monsoon season, running from mid-June to September, saturates the landscape with rain. The park cycles through three main seasons: a hot summer from March to June, a wet monsoon period from July to September, and a cooler winter phase from October to February.

The Greenery of Chitwan: The park boasts a rich ecosystem comprising tropical and subtropical forests, as seen in the Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands. These moist deciduous forests are interspersed with vast tracts of grasslands, home to over 50 species of grass, some reaching among the tallest in the world. This diverse plant life supports a complex web of wildlife, enhancing the park's unique environmental tapestry.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Itinerary Options

Comprehensive Three-Day Adventure

Embark on a full-circle safari from Kathmandu to Chitwan and back over three eventful days. Day one sees you traveling from the capital to the heart of Chitwan. The following day is dedicated to the wild wonders of Chitwan National Park, and on the third day, you’ll return to Kathmandu with memories to cherish.

Customized Safari Packages

Choose a safari package that suits your schedule and desire for adventure:

1 Night/2 Days Package: A succinct but thrilling safari experience, perfect for those with limited time.

2 Nights/3 Days Package: The ideal balance for thorough exploration without the rush.

3 Nights/4 Days Package: For an unrivaled, extensive journey through the diverse ecosystems of Chitwan.

Let us know if you’d like to tailor a Chitwan Jungle Safari that perfectly fits your itinerary.

Price for Chitwan Jungle Safari Tours

Package Rate Nationality
1 Night 2 Days Package -$195 /$180/INR 14000/Rs.10500 -Foreigner/Chinese/Indian/Nepali
2 Nights 3 Days Package -$270/$255/INR17500/Rs.14000 -Foreigner/Chinese/Indian/Nepali
3 Nights 4 Days Package -$320/$315/INR20500/Rs.18000 -Foreigner/Chinese/Indian/Nepali




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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tours

Here's a detailed plan for a 3-day Chitwan Jungle Safari, which begins and concludes in Kathmandu. The journey starts with a trip to Chitwan on the first day. The second day is fully dedicated to exploring the Chitwan National Park, and the trip wraps up with a return to Kathmandu on the third day. This itinerary is ideally suited to experience the diverse flora and fauna of Chitwan National Park comprehensively.


Your adventure begins with an early morning pickup from your hotel in Kathmandu. If we're traveling by road, the drive to Chitwan is approximately six hours, offering picturesque views of the landscape along the way. For those flying, we'll coordinate a drop-off at the airport in line with your flight's departure time, ensuring a smooth and visually pleasing trip to Chitwan.

Upon arrival in Chitwan, you will check into your hotel and have some time to relax and settle in. Later in the day or evening, we'll venture out to explore a local Tharu village. This visit offers a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the Tharu people, highlighted by their colorful traditional attire and unique stick dance performances. After soaking in the local culture, we return to the hotel where you can rest up for the night, preparing for the adventures of the next day.

Meals: DinnerAccommodation: Hotel

Start your day early with a tranquil canoe ride on the river, taking in the serene beauty of the early morning in Chitwan. Following the canoe trip, you'll embark on an exhilarating safari through Chitwan National Park. Choose between a jeep safari or an elephant-back safari to navigate deeper into the wilderness.

During the safari, keep an eye out for a variety of wildlife such as the majestic one-horned rhinoceros, wild boars, elephants, deer, and peacocks. With a bit of luck, you might even spot the elusive royal Bengal tiger among other rare animals. Bird enthusiasts will also enjoy the opportunity to observe numerous species of birds in their natural habitat.

Post-safari, we'll take a leisurely break before visiting the elephant breeding center, where you can interact closely with elephants, possibly even joining in on a bathing session. Later, we'll explore the crocodile center and more scenic areas of the park. The day concludes with a return to the hotel to relax after a full day of adventure.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerAccommodation: Hotel

On the final day of your safari, you have the opportunity to start the morning with an optional jungle walk or bird-watching session. This early excursion allows you to experience the peacefulness of dawn and observe a variety of birds in their natural setting.

After enjoying the early morning tranquility and capturing a few more memories of Chitwan's wildlife, you'll return to the hotel for breakfast. Once you've had breakfast and packed up, we'll begin our journey back to Kathmandu, traveling either by road or by air, depending on your preference. Your Chitwan Jungle Safari concludes once we reach Kathmandu, leaving you with vivid memories of your wildlife adventure.

Meals: BreakfastAccommodation: No
Is the proposed itinerary suitable for you?If you are looking for a custom itinerary, please feel free to reach out to our team of professionals at any time.
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Trip Service Details
  • Round-trip travel in a comfortable tourist coach between Kathmandu and Chitwan.
  • Twin sharing accommodation in Chitwan, inclusive of all three daily meals as per standard menu.
  • All necessary entrance fees to Chitwan National Park.
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, snack purchases, and additional bar bills.
  • Tips and gratuities for service providers.
  • Any other services not mentioned in the “Inclusion” section.
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Additional Info

Gear and Packing List for Chitwan Jungle Safari:

  • A day backpack and a larger duffel or rucksack bag for your belongings.
  • Hats for ear coverage during winter or sun protection.
  • Sunglasses or goggles for eye protection.
  • A neck warmer and a pair of warm gloves or mittens if you’re visiting in the cooler months.
  • Comfortable clothing like T-shirts, a waterproof jacket or windbreaker, and cotton pants.
  • Shorts, innerwear, and socks for layering.
  • Durable camping shoes or sneakers for trekking and sandals for more casual wear.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Your passport, plus at least four copies of passport photos.
  • A secure pouch for your passport, travel documents, and money.
  • Lip balm and sunscreen to protect against the sun.
  • A pocket knife for convenience.
  • Iodine tablets for water purification.
  • Toiletry kit including hand sanitizer, a towel, soap, wet wipes, toilet paper, and, if applicable, sanitary napkins.

Additional Tour Options:

  • Add a thrilling 3-hour rafting experience on the Trisuli River as part of your journey to Chitwan.
  • Consider extending your adventure with tours to Lumbini or Pokhara. We can arrange a combo package that includes these destinations with your safari experience.

Please let us know if you’d like to incorporate any optional activities or extend your tour to explore more of Nepal’s diverse landscapes and cultural sites.

Accommodations for Chitwan Jungle Safari

For your stay during the Chitwan Jungle Safari, we provide comfortable and well-appointed 3-star hotels, resorts, or lodges at the quoted price point. If you’re looking to enhance your experience with a touch of luxury, upgrades to premium 4- or 5-star hotel accommodations are available. Please inform us if you wish to elevate your stay to one of these upscale options.


The Chitwan Jungle Safari welcomes everyone, offering a fantastic family-friendly holiday option suitable for all age groups. It’s an all-inclusive adventure with activities that are easy for any participant, with canoeing as the most active endeavor. Whether you're looking to join the three-day safari adventure or add it to your existing Nepal travel plans, this experience is designed to be an accessible and enjoyable getaway for those with extra days to spare.

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