Travel Insurance for Nepal

"Comprehensive Travel Insurance for Nepal"

"Comprehensive Travel Insurance for Nepal" caters specifically to the adventurous spirit of travelers venturing into Nepal's spectacular yet challenging landscapes. It is an indispensable safeguard, providing broad protection against medical emergencies, including high-altitude sickness and unexpected injuries. This policy encompasses the costs of emergency evacuations and helicopter rescues from the most remote areas, ensuring that travelers can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas with confidence and security.

When joining Recreation Holidays Team for a journey through Nepal, we require all guests to have travel insurance with a minimum coverage of USD 100,000. The policy should effectively cover medical treatments and emergency evacuations to mitigate the risks associated with high-altitude trekking and potential health issues. The rugged charm of Nepal's peaks does come with inherent risks, and being prepared with reliable travel insurance is a responsible step towards a worry-free adventure.

We urge travelers to choose an insurance plan that covers not only medical emergencies but also the cost of potential helicopter rescue and repatriation services. Such coverage is vital in the event of severe accidents or cases of acute mountain sickness (AMS), where immediate evacuation may be necessary. Before setting out on your Nepalese adventure with us, ensure that your insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage from a trusted provider. Our ethos is simple: it's always better to travel with caution and be covered for all eventualities.

List of Suggested Travel Insurance Providers

For guests coming from India, we recommend ASC360 for your travel insurance needs.

Those visiting from the USA and Canada may consider these options:

  • Online Global Health Insurance
  • Travelex Insurance Services
  •, an aggregator of online insurance policies
  • Mondial Assistance, now Allianz Global Assistance
  • Access America, which is part of Allianz Global Assistance
  • HCC Medical Insurance Services LLC
  • Good Neighbor Insurance, focusing on international health plans
  • Various international health insurance options
  • for a range of policies
  • MultiNational Underwriters, which includes Atlas Travel series
  • World Nomads for flexible and adventure travel insurance
  • TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd for a variety of travel insurance plans
  • The Travel Assist network for assistance services

British travelers can explore insurance services from:

  • Specialty Group (UK) Limited
  • FirstAssist Services Limited, offering various travel insurance products
  • Harrison Beaumont for specialized travel insurance
  • Options for affordable travel insurance policies

Visitors from Europe and Slovenia might find Assistance CORIS suits their insurance requirements.

Australian and New Zealander adventurers should consider:

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance for comprehensive coverage
  • CGU Insurance Limited for a range of insurance products

For those traveling from South Africa, Travel Insurance Consultants Pty. Ltd. provides tailored travel insurance solutions.

These recommendations are based on feedback from our past clients and are intended to guide you in selecting a reputable travel insurance provider.